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Vision/Mission/Core Values

Core Focus 

Securing the rights of intellectual property owners. 



Ramey LLP is known as our client's favorite law firm. Not the cheapest, not the biggest, not the fanciest, not the meanest, but the one they actually like to work with because we're responsive, committed, fun and very good at what we do.  Helping you protect and monetize the intellectual property of your business is our business. If you have been told it would be too expensive to assert your patent in litigation, contact us and we will see what we can do to help as we strive to make patent litigation affordable.


Mission/Core Values

We are agents for your success in the face of complex challenges. Ramey LLP delivers innovative solutions for you by living our core values. 

  • We provide Aggressive Representation
  • We are known for Zealous Action.
  • Ingenuity is the core to our actions
  • We accept nothing but Excellence
  • Commitment to your issue is our promise


Our Client Experience

Ramey LLP is a go-to intellectual property law firm because we set the standard for customer service and satisfaction. Clients could go elsewhere, but they won't want to because it will be our firm that makes in-house counsel jobs easier, their staffs happier, and their bosses more impressed. We will manage high work volumes efficiently, adhere to client guidelines and best practices, and optimize workflows and billing practices so as to minimize burdens on our clients.

It’s time for action.

Safeguarding your assets won’t wait. Ramey LLP will provide the legal representation you need to protect your interests. Contact us to discuss your legal needs. Se habla español.