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Ramey LLP understands the importance of safeguarding your investments, ideas, research, business processes and competitive intelligence.

All of our attorneys hold scientific or engineering degrees. Our sophisticated, technical backgrounds allow us to speak the language of engineers, doctors, professors, scientists and inventors, and we share your passion for your inventions. Our personal, knowledgeable approach puts your experts at ease and prevents key information from being lost in translation. Our skills and experience uniquely position us to work with those in engineering, energy, university, technology, medical and other scientific industries.

We are pleased to provide legal assistance for the following industries:


Ramey LLP attorneys hold scientific or engineering degrees. Our clients work in industries such as:


We assist clients in the chemical engineering fields with inventions related to chemical process development and optimization, processes for making biofuels, gas stream modification and biofuel production.


We assist clients in electrical engineering fields with inventions related to circuit boards, switches, automated processes, video recording components, audio recording components, computer hardware, computer peripherals, sensors, telecommunications hardware, semiconductors, fabrication technology and medical devices.


Our mechanical engineering intellectual property experience covers a variety of products, including downhole technology, frack valves, processes for removing oil and gas, oil and gas valves, automotive, farming and agricultural, boating and marine, appliances, semiconductors, building and construction, power tools, filtration, heavy construction and telecommunications.

Oil & Gas

Today's oil and gas industry operates in a fast-paced, rapidly evolving environment. Ramey LLP's oil and gas industry attorneys are accustomed to being nimble in their responsiveness to assist their clients in protecting and defending products and process in this industry, including downhole technology, frack valves, processes for removing oil and gas, oil and gas valves, and detection and exploration technology.

Life Sciences

Ramey LLP attorneys assist clients working in life sciences, such as biotechnology, medical and pharmaceuticals, to protect and defend their intellectual property. We assist clients with assets related to gene therapy, immunotherapy, oncology, pharmacology, drug design, diagnostic imaging, molecular biology, biology, biochemistry, cell immunology, cell biology, siRNA, virology, genomics and small molecules, including delivery systems, formulations and isomerisms.


Our attorneys have assisted clients to protect and defend a wide array of medical products, including imaging devices, glucose meters, gastrointestinal simulation devices, catheters, cardiac simulation devices, sutures, stints, medical staples, contact lenses and pacemakers.


We have assisted clients with a wide range of products related to cellular telecommunications technology, including TDMA, UMTS, 3G CDMA, 3GPP, 4G, 4G LTE, multiplexing, turbo error correction, third-generation wireless, federal mandates, SMS, MMS, telecom standards, Push-To-Talk and satellite communications.


Ramey LLP attorneys have assisted clients in protecting and defending the systems and products imperative to retaining their competitive edge in this highly aggressive industry. Some of these systems and products are circuit-switched, voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), broadband, electrical and optical connectors, antenna diversity, MIMO, modulation, demodulation, OFDM, carrier, spectrum, spectral density, network management, digital compression and data networks.


Ramey LLP lawyers are trusted counsel to major higher education institutions in both Texas and beyond. Our understanding of the special legal needs for university and college clients ranges from real estate and healthcare to intellectual property and public finance. Having sophisticated counsel that is able to navigate local and state government, and develop community relationships, affords our clients the opportunity to focus on their primary goal: education.


Ramey LLP attorneys assist those in the agricultural industry in a variety of areas, including products related to livestock health and wellbeing, farming equipment and plant engineering.

Computer Science

The rapidly evolving computer science industry requires intellectual property attorneys who are adept at moving quickly to respond to their client's needs. Ramey LLP attorneys assist clients in this fast-moving arena by helping them develop strategies to capture and protect their product and systems technology. Our experience includes software, hardware, storage media, compilers,general-purpose computer, specific-purpose computer, interpreter, RAM, ROM, memory, dynamic, static, register, database systems, operating systems, security, graphics, microprocessor design and network architecture.


Ramey LLP attorneys have advanced degrees in scientific and engineering fields and are adept at assisting clients working in the semiconductor industry. Our experience includes IC/integrated circuit, chip, microchip, fabricate/fabrication, semiconductor, silicon, wafer, processing, spin coating, organic, DNA chips, substrate, functionality, P-type, N-type, sputtering, deposition, disk, layout, mask and design flow.


Our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patents, and defending against infringement in the complex computer software industry. Our experience includes software for operating systems, banking, insurance, Internet processes, diagnostic imaging, robotics, gaming, algorithms, voice recognition and digital rights. We have also handles matters involving SQL, data warehouse, database management, relational database and software engines.

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