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Posted by William P. Ramey III | Jun 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

RAMEY LLP, representing their client CTD NETWORKS, LLC, has filed a lawsuit against MUSARUNRA US, LLC. The lawsuit is related to several U.S. patents, including Patent Nos. 8,327,4429,438,614; 9,503,470; and 11,171,974.

The technology covered by these patents includes:

  1. Patent No. 8,327,442: This patent describes a system and method for a distributed application and network security system, referred to as SDI-SCAM. It likely involves a technology that focuses on security aspects within a distributed application and network environment.

  2. Patent No. 9,438,614: This patent pertains to SDI-SCAM, similar to the previous patent. However, it likely provides additional details or improvements specific to the system and method described.

  3. Patent No. 9,503,470: This patent covers a distributed agent-based model for security and response. It involves a technology that employs distributed agents to handle security-related tasks and respond to security incidents.

  4. Patent No. 11,171,974: This patent also relates to a distributed agent-based model for security monitoring and response. It likely describes a system in which distributed agents are used for monitoring security-related events and responding to potential threats.

RAMEY LLP filed the original complaint and demanded a jury trial on behalf of CTD NETWORKS, LLC, seeking relief from patent infringement. This complaint was filed on June 12, 2023, in the Eastern District of Texas. To obtain more specific details about the allegations click below to view full complaints.

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