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Trademark Registration For Mr. Ryan Drapela

Posted by William P. Ramey III | Jul 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

Ramey & Schwaller wishes to congratulate its client “Ryan Drapela” of Drapela works (

on registration of the mark MANSTAND as Registration Number 5832342 on August 13, 2019. Drapela

work creatively specializes in woodworks with a variety of products that are useful to store, charge, and

optimize the day-to-day things that matter the most. The trademark is for a stand for various personal

items; namely, valet stands.

Why is it important to protect Intellectual property?

It is very important for companies to protect their most valued asset, their Intellectual Property. Many

businesses are not generally aware of the IP and how it could benefit the business to build a reputation,

brand value, and ultimately their economic growth. In this competitive world, people will often take

advantage of your inventions and technology as their own and immensely benefit from it.

One doesn't need to go in detail about the IP law but should know these simple things to prevent its


Always Know What Intellectual Property You Own

Keep in mind the innovations and ideas that you have invested in and know the products that can be

developed based on it.


You can have multiple innovations used in building various products. Each idea is worth something and

thus you identify and prioritize according to how important it could be for the business.

Keep Your IP Secure Physically And Digitally

As discussed earlier it is a must to keep your IP safe. Some tips could be to establish strict access to the

rooms and passwords to protect any important document you could have on the system.

Consult A Professional Law Firm

Initially many people think this step as an overhead which is mainly money-related. As it is always said

‘prevention is better than cure', employ an intellectual property law firm, and understand all the

necessary laws pertaining to IP. Legally secure your asset in case someone tries to steal it which can

harm any business hugely.

Ramey & Schwaller is a full-service intellectual property law firm in the US working with an international

client base from our Houston, Texas office.  We are dedicated to enhancing clients' results through

efficient practice management, innovative technologies, and the use of skilled professionals. We have

well-qualified and committed attorneys who specialize in different engineering fields, medical devices,

pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and various business methods.

Our attorneys work well within the boundaries of the law and get you the best results by creatively

employing their expertise. Feel us as part of your extended team where we take time to learn about

your technology. Our clients are very important to us. So, we assign a primary attorney who will take

care of the case and always hold you their top priority.

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